​​​​​​​About Us



2Gether We Live provides positive experiences for individuals with disabilities, illness, or wounded veterans, or any individual who cannot actively compete in events or activities by themselves. Athlete volunteers will be the arms and legs for the individual's experience, whether it’s competing in sports, running, cycling, skiing, or to summit a mountain or surf. Creating life experiences impacts the entire family. 2Gether We Live believe these experiences encourage the families to make better choices centered around health and wellness, exercise, and the outdoors, while providing the following; inclusion opportunities, additional support for the individuals and families, and ultimately having the individuals and families out in the community.
Details about our team:
  • ​Marathon Team formed 7 years ago ​
  • ​Endurance Team formed 4 years ago
  • Mix of short distances to marathon and even Ironman distance events
  • All levels of athletes are welcome to volunteer as part of the fundraising team
  • Currently we have over 60 team members
  • Team competes mostly in Maricopa County 
  • The team has 12 push-chairs and is expanding another 8 in 2019
  • Every year new opportunities and partnerships have expanded event experiences for our participants. Additional events are expected over the next 12 months as well as particpants and team members
  • The team provides a great opportunity to join other fellow athletes and provide lifelong memories for those we serve
​​​Participants are selected through partnerships and organizations serving those with disabilities, illness, or veterans.

  1. Currently 8.2% of individuals live with disabilities in Arizona and 29% of all families have one member living with a disability.
  2. An alarming 24,677 health related deaths per 100,000 each year in Arizona are reported by the US Census Bureau
  3. 29.9% of veterans in Arizona have a disability.

Providing positive experiences, we hope will promote change both physically and emotionally for the individuals and families involved. In some cases, family members participate and begin to make healthier choices. For the individuals and families participating, the team offers many opportunities for community involvement and additional resources.
​Parent Quote: Sandra Canez (Mother to Patrick)

"Patrick has become a true runner. But what's more exciting is his drive to challenge himself even more. The team has allowed my son to compete in many events including a Half Ironman Triathlon. Patrick now has the desire to be called a true Ironman.  He has reached the top of Camelback Mountain and surfed in California. Who would have ever thought. We are so thankful for all the loving volunteers who make these dreams become a reality".

​Patrick crossing the Lost Dutchman finish-line