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  1. Marathon Team
    Join anytime! Year-round team. The marathon and endurance team is a year-round fundraising team. If you love to run, ride, or compete in endurance events, join our team and share your love for the sport with others. We have several fundraising options, coaches on hand, structured group runs and scheduled track workouts, and training schedules provided once you signed up for the team. Team coaches available and receive a team race shirt. Kits can be ordered at the nonprofit discount directly with supplier. Team dinners, socials, and pre/post event tent at events. Discounts on all events hosted by 2Gether We Live.
    Jan 1st - Dec 31st
  2. 12 Hours of Pain Spinathon
    2Gether We Live 12 Hours of Pain & Purpose hosted by Excel & Beyond Coaching. Every hour a new guest instructor will lead the group to motivating and high energy music. Last year we had a record turnout! Lets make it even bigger and better this year! We even had a few endurance athletes running all 12 hours on the treadmills. Make a pledge and help us reach our goals! Funds will expand the marathon push team and add multi-sport and cycling teams in 2019. Cycling trailers are needed in order for us to provide more opportunities. Event goal is $15,000! We need this in order to keep expanding our team and serving food for the hungry!
    August 3rd
  3. Dizzy 250 Endurance Challenge
    Phoenix Dizzy 250. Hosted at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, the event attracts more than 200 athletes – in both solo and team divisions –as they compete for the overall title; Ultimate Endurance Champion. The Phoenix Dizzy 250 was created five years ago with just one category – the 250-kilometer bike race – but has since expanded to 9 events, including the 200-kilometer duathlon and 100-kilometer ultra endurance run, other categories, 5k, 10k, 1/2, marathon or 50 mile run options as well as 20, 50 or 100 mile ride options. DJ, food truck, and lots of great athletes on hand. Loop is 4 miles long with 2 aid stations for runners each lap. Takes place on the east race track and around the lake. Extremely fun event. Event goal is $15,000.
    May 11th
  4. Courage Project
    The Courage Project began in 2016 during the Miwok 100k Ultra run event. The purpose of the Courage Project is raising awareness for various causes, under-served populations, or specific nonprofits. Next event is May 5th so please support us by simply logging in. See the events drop-down tab for more details.