Marathon & Endurance Team

The team has several fundraising options for you to choose. Perhaps you would like to fundraise for a pushchair and run with one of our amazing athletes, or join a pair and be a support runner, or perhaps just join the team to support our mission. Whatever you choose, I know it will change how you see running alone and the impact our movement will have on you. Please join our team. We sure need you.

2Gether We Live Marathon and Endurance Team provide opportunities for pairs to run, ride, or compete in multisport events. The team has designated racing events selected so that all pairs race together in key events throughout the year. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Many of the events are the largest in the state. Phoenix Marathon, Rock and Roll Marathon, Lost Dutchman, Fiesta 1/2 Marathon and many more. Splash and Dash (swim and run) also provide for the perfect multisport platform for our teams. Lifetime Fitness Triathlon and 4 Peaks Racing events are just a few multisport events the team participate in.

In addition to racing, we highly encourage all teams to train throughout the weeks and prepare together for the big race.  Spending time together builds a stronger relationship and ensures success. By trainingtogether throughout the weeks, it provides the pair time to get more involved with one another and outin the community.

Weekly track workouts on Wednesday mornings, and long runs on Saturdays, are just two of the manyorganized team workouts. We know that by training together, it will ensure a stronger commitment and provide a more consistent training platform for the entire team.

Whether you can run a 5-minute mile or a 13-minute mile or prefer to walk, we welcome everyone. Withtwo coaches on hand, many experienced athletes, and amazing sponsors, we definitely have you covered.  Ifyou haven't completed a 5k or a marathon or perhaps a multisport event, we have the resources to getyou to that finish line.

But the main reason to join Team 2Gether We Live is for the individuals we serve. They are courageous,strong, and so enthusiastic. The excitement, love, and true gratitude can be seen just by looking into their eyes. Not a single word needs to be spoken. The smile and laughter will keep you coming back year after year.

Diane Bruchhauser -Testimony

Alli and I became friends in Jan 2015 and our first race was the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  I immediately fell in love with Alli’s smile.  We have competed in multiple races from 5k to 1/2 marathon and have we so many more planned.  Each race is so much fun 2Gether and let’s be honest, we like the bling.
I look forward to every race and every training run each Wednesday- we laugh a lot.  We love the sunshine on our face and wind in our hair, but mostly love spending time together.  Alli’s smile brightens my day and I can’t imagine running a race without her.  

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