May 12th, 2018

The Phoenix Dizzy 250K Ultimate Endurance Challenge is 3 races competing for the Overall Title “The Ultimate Endurance Champion”.

With cyclists -vs- runners -vs- duathletes, this event will be both competitive and extremely fun. We mix multiple events with distances all at the same venue! The cycling event is 250 Kilometers total distance, Ultra Run is 100 Kilometers. Duathlon will cover 225 Kilometers. The event will take place on the WildHorse Raceway Race Track. The track is 3.5 miles in distance and the run will cover the same loop with two aid stations. 

The first team or individual to complete the endurance challenge distance first will end the event for all categories and all races. All individuals and teams will then complete the final lap and finish in that current standing. Will 2018 bring fast teams or will the ultra cyclists take the victory?  The last two years have been won by endurance cyclists. In 2016 the race boiled down to the final hour.

Awards to top 3 overall and 1st place in each age group. Always unique hand crafted awards by Tim himself. 

Food Trucks, DJ, Beer Vendor and so much more. Everyone can participate whether you run one lap or 20 or ride 5 laps or 10, we would love to see you at the event. 2018 will bring more teams from 2Gether We Live. With additional chairs, outreach to more participants, we have no doubt the mission will be everywhere on race day.

WildHorse MotorSports Raceway
20000 S Maricopa Rd
Chandler, AZ 85226
Friday, May 11th

Saturday, May 12th
Event Day 7a.m. to 3:00p.m.
Awards: Est. 30 min after 1st finisher (approx 3:00)
Clean-up 4p.m.-10pm


The Phoenix Dizzy 250 has evolved over the past 6 years allowing thousands to participate.  Originally created by Timothy Bolen the State Director of Best Buddies back in 2011 the Phoenix Dizzy 250 was a test of endurance, will, and pure grit.
The goal; to crown the Ultimate Endurance Champion. The individual or team that completes 250 kilometers first officially wins the race and the title!

In 2014 additional events were created to attract greater attendance and to test a variety of athletes from Cycling, Running, Ultra’s, and Duathlon. With all distances for cyclists and runners available, we have something for everyone. 5k, 10k, ½ marathon and up. Ride 20, 50, 75 or more.

In addition to all the distance options, the Dizzy provides options to race solo, duo (2-person), 4-person or teams of 10.


Cycling teams will race a minimum of 3 laps and then switch riders. The Duathlon will begin with the 1 run loop and then the 3 laps on the bike. They will continue to repeat until the race is over. Running teams will complete a minimum of one full lap before switching runners.

TEAM & SOLO DISTANCES (Based on categories)

In order to make the event more competitive and exciting, we offer the pro-rated distance to compete with the cycling teams. Cyclists will complete 250K total distance. Duathletes will complete 200K. The Runners will complete 50 miles! The first team or individual to hit the set-distance wins the race and stops the race for everyone. Athletes will complete the lap and be scored based on completed laps, If necessary, Team or Solo will be scored by fastest time if on the same lap.

To make it even more interesting, in 2014 we increased the distance to just under 4 miles! A loop around the race track and a nice scenic loop around the lake.

The main purpose for this event is to provide a safe, clean, and open venue. Free of vehicles and hazards for all espcially athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who desire to participate. With running strollers, bike trailers and tandem bikes available, we have the athletes on hand to push, pull, or ride with our amazing athletes with IDD. Partnerships with Best Buddies, Tempe Arc, Special Olympics ensures we always have many athletes with IDD present and front and center.

Come join our movement! See all for their abilities not disabilities!


Without you our sponsors this event could never happen. We depend greatly on sponsorship to help cover the high costs for the use of this venue.
This venue offers a safe platform for our athlets with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as a safe venue for beginners! With no traffic, hazards, or concerns about dangerous elements out on open roads. Thank you so much to the following sponsors:

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