​​Our Mission

2Gether We Live provides positive life experiences for underserved populations, including those with disabilities, illness, and wounded veterans, all through the strength of loving volunteers. ​​
Life without limitations. Through the kindness of volunteers anything is possible. ​​

​​​ ​​

2Gether We Live is Arizona's largest marathon and multisport team serving individuals with disabilities through running, riding or multisport events while pushing, pulling, or any other means to cross that finish-line together. The team has expanded from one pair to over 17 pairs competing together at events.  By providing as many opportunities for our pairs to compete in sports and activities, we hope to make a positive impact in more lives for all those with disabilities, illness, or without. ​​​​​​
Our Team
The Journey

Events not only provide the financial stability for 2Gether We Live but they provide the opportunity for both those we serve and those who volunteer to join  together and experience the true beauty of our mission. 

Most of our endurance events were created to test the individuals  strength, will, and ability to carry on to the finish. The best part, getting the opportunity to meet, share and race with those we serve.

The 2Gether Team (running and multisport) all provide opportunities for individuals who may not have the physical abilities to swim, ride, or run on their own. With the help from volunteer athletes, finishing a marathon, 10k or perhaps a triathlon can become a reality.

Like Walt Disney said; "If you can dream it, you can do it".  But we don't stop there! Perhaps you have a loved one that dreams of summiting a mountain or surf in the ocean, if you do, 2gether, we can make dreams come true!

For many families with loved ones living with disabilities or illness, the opportunities are far and few between to get outdoors and out in the community.

That's where 2Gether We Live comes in.  We provide the support, funds, and volunteers to accomplish the positive experience that once may have been thought impossible.  Wounded veterans, those with illness, or those living with disabilities, they all should have the same opportunities. Our team makes it possible!

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself
in the service of others"
- Gandi


2Gether We Live was created for volunteers to have the opportunity to personally get involved and be part of a life changing experience.  Whether you volunteer at one of our signature events, or serve on a committee, or paired with an individual or one of our teams, your truly help changes lives (including your own).  From events, to providing resources, or recruiting others, the more volunteers we have the more we can accomplish together.