Founder / Executive Director
Timothy Bolen

About Tim

Timothy Bolen began his athletic lifestyle at a young age of 9 when his brother began running in middle school cross country. Tim fell in love with running almost instantly. Entering 10'ks by 14 and competing in his first marathon as a freshman in high school finishing in 3:02. Tim was hooked.

​Tim attended Eastern Michigan University and ran all 4 years both cross country and track. After his education Tim began competing in triathlons working for his family business. In 1992 Tim moved to Arizona and continued competing in triathlons and running events and competed as a Category 1 cyclist on the Trek/Volkswagon Team.

​After working for Warren Buffett-Spectra Contract (Shaw Division). Tim took a sales role and assiting with operations at Onsite Design. After some life changes Tim created Excel & Beyond Coaching where he coached many endurance athletes through all distances in running, cycling, and triathlons. As part of Excel & Beyond Tim created the 12 Hours of Pain and Purpose in Papago Park. The event raised awareness and funds for the Sydney Hudson Foundation. In just a couple short years the race was sold out and Tim handed the event over to Red Rock (Lifetime Fitness).​​

​In 2011 Tim started working for Best Buddies Arizona an organization that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The organization had a profound affect on Tim and his passion for wanting to create as many opportunities for the IDD population to compete in sports. After his first year with Best Buddies, Tim created Team Best Buddies Marathon Team. Two year in, Tim created the Phoenix Dizzy cycling and endurance event. That same year Tim also created the 12 Hours of Pain Spinathon which raised funds but also provided the opportunity for the IDD population to participate and even perform in front of the athletes. Tim owes much of the success to Best Buddies for allowing him to create the events but more the platform for these amazing IDD athletes to compete and shine at these events. With the blessing of Best Buddies, Tim has created 2Gether We Live to continue his work centered around athletic performance and experiences for not only the IDD population but for virtually anyone who wants to experience racing or competing that cannot do so alone. 

​2Gether We Live and 2Gether We Stand!  Alone, none of this would be possible! 2Gether, anything is possible.