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Team Jessica Finishes Rock & Roll Marathon

Where it all began in 2012 with Jessica Dunn! Jessica and Tim and the team trained for 9 months preparing to finish the Rock & Roll Marathon. With the loving support from Pam and Jeff (Jessica's parents) the team met twice a week at Tempe Town Lake to get in the miles. The amazing support from 18 team runners along with Jessica and Tim made up the foundation. Jessica would finish in 3:52 with her family at the finish line along with many of her friends.  Jessica smiled and giggled every step of the way.  We knew this would be the start of many races to come.

Team Simon Marathon

Simon Creager was a strong courageous individual. When first asking his mother Marissa about running with Simon the hesitation was clear and understandable. You see, Simon had never done anything like this and I'm sure as a parent the concern and risk is overwhelming. Marissa was amazing however. She wanted her son to experience running. She wanted her son to experience something that may have never once seemed possible. The best part of Simon finishing the Phoenix Marathon was mom right by his side, running the last miles with us and placing the medal around his neck. I wish and hope that every parent can experience what Simon and Marissa did.

The Camelback Summit

Special thanks to all the team members who helped get Patrick to the summit of Cabelback Mountain.What a beautiful morning and unbelievable experience. We were even greeted with a helicoper at the top. However we all went back down the same way we came up, together on foot! With love and support from volunteers and Charles Hursh (Patrickc running partner) this dream came true. Thanks to all of you who give of your time and resources to make these dreams come true!

Patricks Ironman Quest

We are so thankful for race promoters allowing us to compete. We do understand the concerns and know that the race promoter is taking on extra responsibilities but I truly hope they know how much it means to the individuals and the families!
Patrick went after his 1st Ironman title at the Lake Havasu Full Distance Triathlon. Tim and Patrick exited the water in 1:15. The bike however was a different story. The course had 3 hills that were virtually impossible for them to ride up. In the end they went after the half distance and finished it. The quest to finish the full distance will have to wait until Walter and Patrick go after Ironman Wisconsin in September.