Honoring Courageous Individuals - Through Extreme Events Year Round 

2Gether We Live is happy to announce our next event will be honoring all 2Gether We Live athletes and families. With the huge growth over the past 5 months we are so excited to introduce each athlete. Without our amazing families none of this would be possible. 

June 22nd Timothy Bolen, along with teammates, Paul McGowan, Jeromy McMahon, and Matt Reines will all take the starting line at Ironman Ireland to represent on an international platform the work we do with 2Gether We Live by promoting inclusion, acceptance, and equal opportunities no matter the individuals abilities. 

Every hour for 17 hours which is the time cutoff for Ironman, we will introduce you to one of our incredible athletes and families. Matt, Paul, Jeromy and Tim will be dedicating there race to these courageous athletes.

During the 2016 Courage Project we had a record 58,000 viewers and 28,000 engaged followers! Lets make it even bigger and better by sharing these stories in 2019.

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June 22nd
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