Honoring Courageous Loving Individuals
May 6th

2Gether We Live is happy to announce the partnership with Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels. Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels mission to bring dignity and comfort into the harsh world of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Here is their direct website; http://www.amandahoperainbowangels.org

On May 6th we will profile 63 courageous children who have either fought the good fight or currently live with strength and courage battling cancer. The only purpose of the Courage Project is to honor and raise awareness for each of these incredibly brave souls.

Help us by recognizing each of these amazing children on May 6th during the Miwok 100K as Tim takes the starting line at 5a.m. One story of COURAGE every 15 minutes (one every mile of the race) will be profiled on Facebook and Instagram with the last story ending at 8:30p.m. which is my expected finish time.

The only favor we ask is log in throughout the day and read these amazing stories of courage and love. Nothing more! To honor these children and let each of them and their families know we will never forget and we applaud those fighting the good fight! Like the story, make a comment, share with others, lets show our love and support on May 6th.

During 2016 Courage Project we had 58,000 viewers and 28,000 engaged followers! Lets make it even bigger and better by sharing these stories.

If you would like to sponsor or support this project please contact us at 2getherwelive@gmail.com

​Log-in to the Courage Project FB Page
May 6th
​5a.m. - 8:30p.m.

Last Years Courage Photos